3 More Terrifying Things Than a Prostate Exam

Visiting the physician to get a prostate examination can cause guys quite a lot of anxiety and anxiety. Sadly, this can cause men to put off or completely avoid this potentially life-saving procedure. Reasons for shunning a prostate examination may include feelings of humiliation; fear of bodily distress; or the man may just not realize the huge importance of having the examination.

The advantages of prostate tests drastically outweigh the distress. When a tumor in the prostate is captured in the early stages of growth, there’s a greater chance that the mass can be removed or treated before it has the chance to progress into cancer. Although having a prostate examination can seem frightening, there other much more debilitating physical, psychological, and mental complications brought on by prostate cancer.

1. Suffering from Urinary Incontinence

Men that are treated for prostate cancer cancer through radiation treatment frequently suffer from the inability to control their urine flow. This issue may also arise in prostate cancer if left untreated. The options for treating urinary incontinence include the use of catheters, certain medicines, and possibly even surgery. Sometimes urinary incontinence may be adjusted, but other times it’s a lifelong complication of prostate cancer or treatment.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Since sex is a really crucial part of a person’s life, among the worst things possible is to become impotent. Radiation, surgery, hormone therapies, and drugs used to treat prostate cancer can cause a person become impotent. Whether sexual function can be revived will be dependent on the seriousness of the cancer, the kind of surgery required, and also the proficiency of the surgeon.

3. Greater Risk for Bone Cancer

Unfortunately, among the most frequent complications of prostate cancer is the greater susceptibility for prostate cancer. In actuality, prostate cancer can spread to other organs throughout the body. Once it starts to spread, there’s still treatment available to control the cancernonetheless, the cancer may rarely be cured.


Along with these problems regarding prostate cancer and treatment, patients may also experience pain, melancholy, and infertility. An easy prostate test can alert your physician if a problem exists, hopefully meaning that prostate cancer and therapy can be prevented altogether. In light of all these complications and hurdles, having a prostate examination doesn’t look as bad as many guys think. Call your doctor for a consultation today and gain peace of mind.

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