If You Need to Renew or Replace a Green Card

Permanent residency in america is only granted in certain conditions and can often take years to get. Though your permanent resident status doesn’t expire, your green card does. It’s the document that proves your residency status. Your green card will have to be renewed every ten years. If something happens to your green card, you’ll have to acquire a replacement as soon as possible. http://listingscloseby.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Border_Crossing_Card.jpg

Applying for Replacement

The Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card Form I-90 will be used to renew or replace your green card. If you’re renewing your green card, you should start the process at least six months prior to the expiration date. When the application is registered, you’ll be contacted for an appointment to have your fingerprints and picture taken. You may also have to provide supporting documents such as a marriage or birth certificate. Take note that if your original supporting documents are in a different language apart from English, it’s likely you’ll have to provide certified translations. http://listingscloseby.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Border_Crossing_Card-1.jpg

With your biometrics appointment done, the data is used to complete a background check and your fingerprints are sent to the FBI for processing. This process can take about a month to six weeks to complete. If the criminal history and run history checks are sterile, a new card is issued with a new ten-year expiration date.

For replacements, there are particular situations that warrant using Form I-90 also. A lost or stolen card is normal. The application may also be used for cards which are destroyed or are not obtained. Errors, such as title misspellings or incorrect information, are also cases. Form I-90 must also be used if your title has changed or if you’re a permanent resident prior to your fourteenth birthday and you’ve reached that age.

Requirements for Conditional Residents

Conditional residents are distinct. These people have permanent residency but it includes certain conditions, such as investment or marriage. For I-90 cannot be utilised in these cases. Conditional residents possess a green card which expires every two decades. Form I-751 ought to be used to request removal of conditions which are based on union and Form I-829 ought to be used to request removal of conditions which derive from investments. Both situations require the correct application to be submitted at least ninety days prior to the expiry date. If the removal petition is approved, you’ll be issued a fresh green card using a ten-year expiration.

It’s quite important to carry your green card with you everywhere and have it constantly. This little document provides you the ability to travel out the nation and reenter in addition to get a job in america. If something happens and this record can’t be introduced or has died, it can lead to removal proceedings to happen.


Ways to Score Tickets to the Super Bowl

Obtaining tickets to the Super Bowl can not be possible, particularly when it stands out almost instantly. Even if you’ve got the money, you might be left empty-handed. Well, fret not! If you’re looking for tickets, then here is how to score tickets to the biggest football event of the season.

Use the NFL Website

Your first stop should be the NFL site. Most people will have exactly the same concept, but if you are fast enough, you can use the website to catch tickets before anyone else. All you’ve got to do is pick your team and buy tickets. Make certain to learn beforehand when Super Bowl tickets will go on sale. If at all possible, get online a couple of minutes before the tickets can be found and refresh the webpage when it is time–that way you have first dibs.

Other wonderful deals are NFL bundles. If you’re a diehard lover of a specific team, you can buy season tickets. These season tickets ensure you will have a seat for each game played. Also, you may also receive benefits such as priority seats, automatic registration to NFL’s Membership Club, team decals, and discounts at team shops. Each team offers different kinds of discounts, so read about member benefits before buying. 


Ticketmaster is the top ticket broker in america, so it is reasonable that you can purchase Super Bowl tickets on the site. You can also get tickets for other NFL games. Like the NFL website, you merely have to hunt for your team and select which kind of tickets you require. There are various plans offered for season passes. These tickets give you access to a team’s games during the football season.

Another exceptional package offered by some NFL teams is the”Hospitality Package.” It is on the expensive side at $295 per person, but it ensures you will have a terrific pregame bash. It is possible to see what comes with every package at TicketmasterVIP. There are also other packages ranging from $3,000 to $7,000 offering their own deals if you can afford the high price tag.  

Ticket Exchange

When all else fails, use a ticket exchange. Some sites can be dangerous to buy from, so you will be delighted to know Ticketmaster has a ticket exchange where you can purchase tickets from others. It functions similar to Amazon. Someone has tickets and posts them on the site. If the order falls through, Ticketmaster refunds your money. You don’t need to worry about losing countless dollars, and if you purchase instantly, you’re certain to have a seat in the biggest football event of the year. 

TN Tickets

TN Tickets’ (a part of DirectSeats.com) goal is selling hard-to-obtain tickets so everyone is able to enjoy the events they adore. Luckily, the site also sells Super Bowl tickets. At the moment, you can get tickets for Super Bowl 51 for about $3,500. The purchase price is not low, but it is not too surprising considering that the Super Bowl 50 tickets are on record as some of the most costly in the history of the Super Bowl. When everywhere is sold out, TN Tickets has you covered. 


Food You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Everyone loves a happy dog, and needing to give your dog treats out of your plate can be tempting, particularly when he is giving you those sad puppy dog eyes that state,”please, please, please!” But, it can be quite damaging to your pet’s health to nourish them certain foods. What is good for you is not necessarily great for your dog. Listed below are six foods you shouldn’t feed your dog.

  1. Garlic: 

    Garlic comprises a chemical compound that may directly damage your dog’s red blood cells. If they eat too much garlic, then it can make them very sick and cause anemia. In a worst-case scenario, in case your dog ingests large amounts of garlic in any form (raw, cooked, or powdered), then he’ll have to go to the animal hospital for a blood transfusion.

  2. Chocolate: 

    Everybody knows that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate or coconut soda, can cause dogs to have seizures, heart palpitations, and excessive thirst. If your dog ingests a small amount, he will probably be fine. If eaten in large amounts, however, chocolate can lead to death in younger dogs.

  3. Fatty Meats: 

    Dogs love meat. It is a fact. But, ham and other fatty acids can lead to pancreatitis, which can be fatal in dogs. Any food that’s high in animal fat is quite damaging to your pet’s wellbeing. Most meats, particularly lunch meat that’s highly processed, contain very high amounts of sodium. Excessive salt can also be bad for your pet and causes sodium ion flaking or flaking.

  4. Ice Cream/Milk: 

    Dogs love ice cream, and we love to give it to them. What we do not understand, however, is that our furry companions lack the enzyme that helps them break down milk sugars. Ice cream, milk, cheese, and other dairy products really can hurt our dogs. Most dogs have some kind of lactose intolerance or milk allergy so keep your pups away from milk.

  5. Caffeine: 

    It might appear strange, but some dogs love coffee and soda. This is extremely dangerous for the pet to consume. Caffeine affects people by increasing the heart rate and causing restlessness. When ingested by a dog, it may cause the same reaction, only in a much bigger body. If you let your dog to complete your Frappuccino, you could give him a heart murmur, muscle tremors, or even seizures.

  6. Macadamia Nuts: 

    These nuts are poisonous to your pet. If ingested, it may damage their skeletal, muscular, and digestive systems. Dogs may get fevers, muscle tremors, paralysis, and excruciating pain from ingesting even a small amount of those nuts. Keep them away from the pet just to be on the safe side.


International Travel Regulations for Green Card Holders

Permanent residents of the United States holding an official passport from their country of citizenship along with a Green Card have the ability to enter and depart the nation at any time. Permanent residents who’ve exited the U.S. and are coming back to the country after traveling abroad must present a green card Type I-551 confirmation of status. All permanent residents must exhibit appropriate identification on arrival at a U.S. port of entry. The entrance process involves reviewing a resident’s records (i.e. overseas national I.D. card, passport, or U.S. Driver’s License) by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer.

Reentry Process

Entry exemption could be made if it’s discerned that the individual claiming to hold permanent resident status did not plan to create the U.S. their permanent home. Abandonment of permanent resident status excludes persons from entry to america on a Form I-551 Permanent Resident Status green card. The principles to absence from america with a permanent resident provide for travel for up to a year without question concerning the abandonment of permanent resident status.

During entrance, a Customs and Border Protection Officer may consider if a pupil’s intention was to visit abroad temporarily or to stay outside of the nation. If a visitor has lasted household ties in america, along with other resident activities on document like employment, income tax records, and a permanent resident address will inform the review of permanent resident status.

Keeping a mailing address, bank account, or a driver’s license is often proof of residency intent. If a visitor owns land or a company in the nation, these records exhibit intent to stay in the USA, followed by temporary absence.

Other Factors

Travelers searching point of entry status as a permanent resident of the United States who have been out of the country for over 1 year are advised to apply for a reentry permit. The reentry of a former permanent resident requires submission of a Form I31. The re-entry license application can be filed by a resident prior to travel departure.

Pre-departure program allows for a permanent resident or people that have standing as a conditional permanent resident to re-enter the nation without application to a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Reentry permits don’t guarantee entry to the nation on return. Admissibility could be subject to review; leading in confirmation of the party’s intent of permanent residence in america upon entry.

Permanent residents staying outside the USA for a period of two or more years won’t have access to express entrance. If reentry was granted before departure from the USA, the expiration date on the license will have passed. It’s advised that former permanent residents apply for a visa SB-1 before entry in a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Returning resident visas are a distinct category of entrance from tourist visas, and those issued for student or business remains with a limited term of up to six months on arrival.


Great Athletes Who Were Late Round Picks in The Draft

In professional sports, a participant’s position in the draft does a great deal to set up expectations: a top draft choice better be impressive and lovers seldom guess late round draft picks to do much but fill the roster. Luckily, our expectations are not always 100% true.

Countless times, late round selections have developed into superstars, or at the very least, steals for their own position. This clearly snacks for the teams that handed up the players, but for fans of the franchise which snagged them, nothing surpasses.

With that being said, why don’t you take a look at a few of the greatest late round picks for America’s three largest professional sports leagues?


  1. Marc Gasol
    The Lakers drafted Pau Gasol’s younger brother Marc in 2007 from the 2nd round, 48th overall. In early 2008, The Lakers and the Grizzlies made a trade that would send Pau into LA and Marc to MePaulis. Since Pau was a recognized talent, this transaction seemed like a bad move to Memphis fans. Nevertheless, in his first season as a Grizzly, Marc shot 53% from the field, breaking the franchise record set by his brother. He’s since become a critical part of their gifted Grizzlies team and among the very gifted centers in the league. He has been in two All-Star matches and won Defensive Player of the Year in 2013.
  2. Manu Ginobli
    In 1999, the Spurs chosen Manu Ginobili from the 2nd round, with the 57th pick overall. That is the second-to-last pick in the whole draft. Since that time, Ginobili has accomplished a great deal for any player, but a particularly terrific deal for a player chosen that low. In his career alongside Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, Ginobili has taken home four NBA championships, made two All-Star looks, and obtained the Sixth-Man of the Year Award in 2008.  
  3. Gilbert Arenas
    The Golden State Warriors drafted Arenas in the 2nd round of the 2001 draft, 31st overall. He would go on to make impacts on a number of distinct teams. In his rookie season, he was a difference maker, averaging double figure scoring as a first-year starter. At the 05-06 season, during which he played for the Wizards, he averaged 29.3 points per game. In his career, he averaged over 20 points a game, was an All-Star double, and named the league’s Most Improved Player in 2003.


  1. Donald Driver
    Throughout the 7th round of the 1999 draft, together with the 213th selection, the Packers selected Donald Driver. Few players drafted so low have experienced the always impressive numbers that Driver had throughout his career. He gathered 735 career catches and was able to have seven 1,000-yard seasons — finishing his career with just over 10,000 receiving yards. He holds franchise records for receptions and receiving yards, and managed to help his team win a Super Bowl before retiring.
  2. Shannon Sharpe
    Sharpe was shot In the 7th round of the 1990 draft by the Broncos, 192nd overall. By the end of his career, he had won three Super Bowls and was the NFL’s all-time leader in receptions by a tight end (with 815), receiving yards by a tight end (with 10,060), and receiving touchdowns by a tight end (with 62). Though these documents have been broken, Sharpe is still the first tight end to ever break 10,000 receiving yards. To top it all off, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.
  3. Tom Brady
    From the 2000 draft, Brady was selected in the 6th round, 199th overall, by the Patriots. This was among the most significant late-round acquisitions of contemporary soccer, and Brady’s accolades would hardly fit on this page. But, just to mention a few: Brady has won three Super Bowls, holds the record for most Super Bowl touchdown passes, was the first quarterback to throw 50 or more touchdowns in one season, and helped his team make the longest winning streak in NFL history in 21 consecutive games over two seasons. He has also been named league MVP twice and was the first one to win this honor by unanimous vote since 1987. If this was not enough, he and Joe Montana would be the only players in NFL history to have earned the NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP awards on multiple occasions.


  1. Mike Piazza
    Together with their final pick of the 1988 draft, the Dodgers chosen Mike Piazza. He was chosen in the 62nd round, 1,390th overall, as a courtesy to Piazza’s father, who had been a longtime friend of the team’s manager, Tommy Lasorda. After Lasorda persuaded the team to sign him and to finally let him perform as catcher, Piazza went on to become the greatest hitting catcher in the history of Major League Baseball. Piazza is a 12 time All-Star, won the All-Star MVP in 1996, and has 10 Silver Slugger Awards to his name.
  2. Mark Buehrle
    Underneath the now-abolished”draft-and-follow” rule, Buehrle was chosen in 1998 from the White Sox in the 38th round, 1,139th overall. Next, before being formally signed by the group, Buehrle’s progress and performance were monitored for just under a year. Since he was signed in 1999, he has won almost 200 games and pitched a 27-batter no-hitter as well as one perfect game. He has also made four All-Star teams and won four Gold Gloves.
  3. Kenny Rogers
    Rogers only played high school baseball as a senior and was only noticed because a scout for the Rangers was there to look at another player. The scout noticed the potency of Roger’s arm (as he played shortstop), and it had been enough to get him drafted as their pitcher. He was chosen by the Rangers in 1982 during the 39th round, 816th overall. Following his 26-year profession, Rogers retired with an ideal match under his belt, 219 wins, and four All-Star appearances.


15 Relationship Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marriage

If you’re fortunate enough to have found someone you love and are compatible with, do not let it slip off. Being aware of issues which may end things will help you perform better at preventing disaster. Here are 15 dating mistakes which may end your union !

Not Getting Your Partner’s Back

If there’s an issue involving others where you disagree with your spouse action or point of view, do not admit your disagreement in public. It’s very important to your spouse to find that you’re willing to stand behind them.

Not Resolving Parenting Disagreements

Parents are desperate to make the right decisions regarding children. If you disagree about something, you might need to seek support from an external source. Therapists can be great in such circumstances, particularly if the issue is a large one.

Making Financial Decisions Without Telling Your Partner

Spending a small number of private money is fine, but it is ideal to make big financial decisions jointly. Paying for mortgages, car payments, and insurance is stressful enough until you understand your partner is making decisions without consulting you.

Hiding Financial Troubles

In the event that you ran up a credit card or failed to make payments on something, you will need to inform your spouse whenever possible. Your significant other will help you figure out a solution and will be more inclined to forgive you when you admit your error.

Withholding Intimacy

You got married to be emotionally and physically close with somebody. If you deny your partner intimacy, you are hurting both of you. If you don’t wish to be romantic in either manner, you will need to determine why and work through it.

Not Pulling Your Weight

If one partner occupies more of the duties of life compared to the other, they will become resentful. When you become a few you need to split the workload, which includes errands and paychecks.

Struggling To Admit When You’re Wrong

Admitting when you are wrong reassures your partner that you’re searching for their best interest. Be honest with them, and say you are sorry when necessary.

Not Helping Yourself

It requires commitment to overcome massive issues like mental illness or addiction. If you do not take the measures necessary to help yourself, your partner will probably leave you. Love can only get you so far.

Not Heard Problems Right Away

The time to tackle an issue in your marriage is when you notice it. If you place issues on the back burner for a long time, they’ll build up. Waiting could result in 1 partner wanting counseling while another has already given up.


If your cheat on your partner there’s an excellent probability that your marriage will end. Some partnerships may work through this, but for many people it is an automatic deal breaker.

Insufficient Forgiveness

If you have made the choice to let something go and remain together, the only way to progress is to forgive. Constantly reminding your partner of what they did and”making them pay for it” will only build resentment.

Taking Your Spouse For Granted

Many people make the mistake of assuming their partner will always be there for them. Hopefully they will, but should they’ve been ignored or disregarded for quite a long time, it could be too late to save your marriage.

Not Purchasing Your Dating

You need to spend time with your spouse. If you do not build memories of great times, there will not be anything to keep you moving through the bad times.

Not Building Your Partner Up

You obviously feel that your spouse is fantastic or you would not have married them. Therefore, don’t be that person who calls their partner their”old man,””old woman,” or”ball and chain.” It is demeaning and devalues your significant other. Rather, be their cheerleader!

Leading Completely Separate Lives

Although it’s necessary to have a life beyond your spouse, it may be just as harmful if you are rarely together. There’s a reason the phrase”out of sight, out of mind” came about.


Watch Sport Events for Free on These Websites

You never need to miss your favourite team play, but some matches can only be obtained at a price. Luckily, there are sites you can use to see the game at no cost, so you never miss another game. Whether you are into NFL, NBA, or something else, then use these eight sites to watch sporting events at no cost.

  1. Sky Sports
    Sky Sports has been among the greatest sports websites for some time. It is a free resource for watching NFL, WWE, F1, and a number of other sports. Does it have live streaming, but you might also see scores of games you might have missed. Moreover, you get up-to-date information on your favourite teams when something big happens. 
  2. Stream2Watch
    Stream2Watch appears basic in design, but it is a wonderful place to watch live sports. On the site, you can see all of the current and upcoming games you can watch. The website even has sports like cricket, snooker, cycling, and much more. Needless to say, you may even watch soccer, basketball, and football games as they happen. 
  3. View ESPN
    Can there be a better place to watch sports than on ESPN? Watch ESPN streams live sports from all over the world whether you love curling, basketball, or soccer. From the right-hand column, the website displays every present match that is going on, which you may view by clicking”View Live.” 
  4. Batman Stream
    Batman Stream sounds fantastic with its title, and it’s certainly the flow we need and sports actions we deserve. The site itself works differently than others in how it finds the flows and sends you to different hosts so that you can watch the game at no cost. The tagline ihosts, search the best streams,” and I am inclined to agree. 
  5. FirstRow Chairs
    very similar to Batman Stream, FirstRow Chairs can help you locate a flow for the game you want, and the site is extremely easy to use. If you’re searching for a specific game, then you can click on the corresponding category at the top. If you will need a sports fix, the site displays all the live matches now streaming, and it gives you the links to where you can see them. 
  6. StreamWoop
    StreamWoop is customizable and gives you useful information, like whether a website permits you to use it while AdBlock is enabled. When you look for a match, you can see which website is streaming it, the language, supplier, and host. Furthermore, popular sports are listed under the search bar so that you can see what game is trending. 
  7. FootyFire
    You won’t find every game covered on FootyFire, but you’ll get some of the greatest games. The categories you can select from include soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, motorsports, and rugby. Luckily, if you do not see what you’re looking for, there’s alsomotor sports tab for all you baseball, wrestling, and golf lovers. FootyFire tells you where you’ll discover the game and if you will need to register to view the stream. 
  8. VIPBox
    VIPBox is a fairly great site which directs you to resources where you are able to watch whatever game you want. When it’s played professionally, this website includes a stream for it. The only disadvantage is that you need to disable AdBlock to use ita small price to pay to locate your favorite matches. All you’ve got to do is click what you would like to see, and it directs you to busy games. 


What You Need For a Super Bowl Watch Party

A significant event is coming, and us Americans have to be ready. That event is, of class , the Super Bowl. If you’re somebody who likes to host events on particular occasions, you may be in the planning stages of a Super Bowl watch party. Fantastic idea.

Super Bowl watch celebrations are a mashup of all things American: eating, drinking, and staring at a TV. Whatever you do to best ease those three activities will make your celebration that much more enjoyable, so read if you are interested in having a good Super Bowl watch party.

Find the Great Environment

First off, you require somewhere to watch the game. The bigger the TV, the better. Same is true for couches. You have got to have room for all of the guys. When you have taken care of the obvious stuff, food should be your main concern. Pizza, wings, hamburgers, or anything which may be barbecued actually –these are your best bets. A man can get enough of them to keep his guests complete without breaking his or her bank. But these are merely the entrées in case you will: appetizers and snacks are also essential. Chips and dips would be the clear choice here. Not only are these some of man’s best friends, they’re also cheap and easy to prepare.

Purchase the Right Supplies

As soon as you’ve gotten all of the meals –an ungodly amount so that you’re properly prepared–you require somewhere to put it. Though some men would have no trouble eating everything with their hands, for cleanliness sake you’ll want to grab some plates and napkins. Disposable choices work best for any type of celebration, so grab some paper plates, plastic cutlery, and an amount of napkins proportional to the messiness of this meals you would like to serve.

Do Not Forget Refreshments

So now you have a TV and your own food, you need one more thing to finish the American man’s holy trinity: beverages. This doesn’t necessarily need to be beer (depending on who you ask), so be certain to have some amount of variety: water or soda for people who drove or do not drink. But who are we kidding? You’re going to need a great deal of beer.

While you may have already cleared the fridge-space for this reason, consider using a large cooler or several tubs with ice instead. During the Super Bowl, your guests will want to stay as near the TV as they can–even through the commercials. Having beverages on hand is a fantastic way to keep your visitors happy and make sure none of you miss a terrific play or a funny advertisement.

So, the checklist must read as follows: TV. Food. Beer. Cooler. Couch. And, if time permits, plates and napkins. With men as guests, it is never a bad idea to overestimate, so grab as much as you are able or ask your friends to pitch in so that you can grab more. It’s go time, fellas.


A Summary of Permanent Resident and Green Card Status

When someone holds a green card, it affirms that he or she is allowed to reside and work in the USA indefinitely. There are different classes of green cards, each one having their own set of prerequisites.

Green Cards

Today’s green card is not even green. It’s known as a green card because for over 40 years that the card was a green company card-sized kind of identification, together with other information confirming the identity of the holder. Today’s card comes with an embedded radio frequency identification chip inside which can permit a green card to be scanned, while sitting, standing, or walking through an airport.

Ways to Get Permanent Residency

Family-based immigration involving green cards for spouses or unmarried relatives under the age of 21. Permanent residency may also be sought by workers through their employers, entrepreneur investors, or people seeking asylum or refugee status. The application process involved for each class is significantly different.

The largest benefit of the green card is that it enables the holder to live and work in the USA indefinitely or if they choose to, apply for U.S. citizenship when eligible. They may exit and return to the country at will. Additionally, it enables them to file petitions for conditional residency on behalf of the spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 so that they may immigrate into the country. They are also able to seek Social Security benefits after working for 10 years in america. There are other extensive benefits that include holding a green card and permanent residency status.

Losing Status

Take note that issuance of a green card denoting that a man is a permanent resident means that they will remain a permanent resident. Someone could lose their permanent resident status if they stay beyond the United States for a period in excess of one year without procuring a reentry permit. The reentry permit allows the permanent resident to stay outside the United States for over 1 year with no resident being deemed to have abandoned their residence.

A reentry permit can be issued for up to two decades. It confirms your intention not to leave permanent residency. Permanent residence may also be lost for conviction of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude. Marriage fraud for immigration fraud or purposes for submitting false documentation or omitting pertinent information may also cause reduction of permanent residency.


Learn How To Maintain Green Card Status

To be a permanent resident, any undocumented person physically inside the USA may employ for an adjustment of status to that of an immigrant without returning to their country of origin. A foreign national outside the USA, however, may not apply for adjustment but have to undergo immigration processing at an American consulate. Following approval of an application for alteration or successful completion of consular processing, the person is responsible for keeping legal permanent resident status, a revocable privilege that’s not a legal right.


Revocation may be for violations of immigration laws, for criminal behavior, or for abandonment of permanent residence. The Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States Department of Homeland Security (USCIS) warn that aliens with permanent resident status may shed their green cards if they commit any offense in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act, under which an immigration court could reverse permanent residence and order deportation. By way of instance, if a permanent resident receives a green card through a sham marriage or another fraud, USCIS may prosecute the offender for deportation. Failure to advise USCIS of a change of address within ten days may be an offense that contributes to deportation.

Most men and women shed their green cards by criminal misconduct, which need not be significant crimes or felonies. Deportation can be for misdemeanors not punishable by jail time. There’s absolutely no set list of crimes for which offenders could be deported. Any permanent resident arrested for anything whatsoever should consult an immigration attorney to discover whether certainty might cause deportation.


As for abandonment, permanent residents who leave with the goal to make their permanent homes elsewhere sacrifice residency whenever they go. USCIS examines their behaviour for evidence that their actual residence isn’t the USA. An alien absent in the USA for over 1 year may have a tricky reentry since the USCIS position is that an absence of more than 1 year can increase a presumption of abandonment of US residence. Reentry permits or special immigrant visas may be necessary. Some green card holders believe they need only return after a year for many weeks. This belief is wrong as from the USCIS view mere yearly returns are insufficient to establish a goal to keep permanent residence.

Employment Abroad

Employment overseas is the most frequent cause for extended absences. Permanent residents employed abroad should submit to USCIS composed statements in their companies or copies of the employment contracts stating the terms of the foreign jobs. Conversely, green card holders who commute to work in Canada or Mexico daily or may keep their green cards by notifying USCIS of the commuter status.

Permanent residents who stay abroad for over 1 year without a reentry permit must apply at consulates for special immigrant visas as returning residents. They need to convince consular officers their extended absences were unplanned and because of unforeseen conditions. If they know in advance that they need to be abroad for over a year, they could apply to USCIS for reentry permits that enable them to stay away for up to two decades. Reentry permits aren’t renewable. Those who should stay away for at least two years must return briefly and apply for another.