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Causes of Liver Cirrhosis

Once the healthy tissue of your liver was replaced with scar tissue, your liver starts to not function correctly. This is a later stage of liver damage known as cirrhosis. If diagnosed early and treated properly, the development of liver damage can be slowed. Here’s a look at what can lead to cirrhosis.


Cirrhosis symptoms are sometimes the first signs of liver disease. Symptoms include:

  • Bleeding or bruising easily.
  • Water buildup in your legs and/or abdomen.
  • Jaundice, a condition where your eyes and skin may take on a yellowish color.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Increased sensitivity to drugs and their side effects.
  • Insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes.
  • Toxins can develop in your brain, causing difficulties with memory, concentration, sleeping, or other cognitive functions.
  • Blood may back up due to blockage in blood vessels resulting in your liver, possibly causing these blood vessels to burst.


A healthy liver can fix (regenerate) itself when injured. Every time your liver suffers an injury, scar tissue develops as it regenerates. However, because the cirrhosis progresses, extra scar tissue forms and makes it harder for the liver to function normally. It may take several years for harm to result in cirrhosis. Causes of cirrhosis include:

  • Chronic Alcoholism: The chief cause of cirrhosis in america is chronic alcohol misuse. A high consumption of alcohol may cause the liver to swell. Over time, this may lead to cirrhosis.
  • Chronic Viral Hepatitis: The next major cause of cirrhosis in america is chronic hepatitis C. Hepatitis C may cause the liver swell, which can eventually lead to cirrhosis. The condition may also be caused by hepatitis B and hepatitis D.  
  • Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH): Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is known as a buildup of fat in the liver that’s not due to alcohol. NASH can cause your liver to swell, resulting in cirrhosis. NASH is generally associated with other health problems like diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, and inadequate diet.
  • Bile Duct Disease: Bile duct disease restricts or prevents bile from flowing into your small intestine. This causes the bile to back up in your liver. The liver then swells, resulting in cirrhosis. Primary sclerosing cholangitis and primary biliary cirrhosis are two common bile duct diseases.
  • Genetic Diseases: there are a few genetic diseases that can lead to cirrhosis. They comprise Wilson disease, hemochromatosis, glycogen storage diseases, Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, and autoimmune hepatitis.

Risk Factors

These factors can increase your risk of liver cirrhosis:

  • Alcohol misuse : Have 5+ drinks in 1 day at least 5 from the past 30 days puts you in danger.
  • Girls : Because women do not have as many enzymes in their stomachs to break down alcohol particles, more alcohol may get to the liver and form scar tissue.
  • Genetics: Many individuals are born with a deficiency in enzymes that lead to removing alcohol.
  • Additional : Obesity, a high fat diet, and hepatitis C also improve your odds of getting alcoholic cirrhosis.


How To Get Your Kids To Do Their Homework Without Any Complaints

Different Ways On How To Get Your Children To Do Their Homework Without ANY Complaints! Written by: terecza9 Normally, homework is one of most popular topics for parents. Many parents feel {} their life purpose to make sure their children completes homework perfectly and punctually. When a child falls behind, parents sometimes get very anxious–and resorts to using all of the homework motivation methods she can find! Below are ways on the best way best to get your children to do their homework with no complaints!

1. Control your own response

Your child will look to you for help — a powerful emotional response from you can just make them feel worse. Even if you’re upset or angry, take a deep breath and embrace a”let’s see what we can do together” attitude. Approaching the issue calmly will immediately help your child.

2. Instill positive considering the homework

Many students and younger children frequently have the impression that evaluations are private and handed out on a whim. To inspire your child to do better, you will need to be certain your child knows how homework needs to be done. Discuss what factors enter”A” reports and projects. Produce a list of qualities that educators are searching for. Contain such qualities such as”good vocabulary,”neatness,” being on time.

3. Enlighten the kid on the importance of good homework marks

You’ll want to explain the advantages of having good school evaluations also. Many students believe poor marks are”no big deal,” particularly if other pupils in their class have similar notions. Be certain that you discuss why marks and college assessments matter later on. Additionally, you should point out that the best career choices often go to people who do well in college.

4. Do some damage control

Talk with your child about the D or the awful assessment and try to determine how your child feels about it. If your child is quite upset, you might need to spend additional time reassuring your child that grades can be improved. If your child feels like a failure or feels ashamed, then you might choose to spend some time telling your child about other students who’ve managed to improve their results with a while.

5. Help your child go over the evaluation and figure out exactly what happened

Get your child to tell you what was difficult about the issue. This may give you valuable tools for thinking up a strategy for better grades. By way of instance, if your child notes he or she didn’t have enough time to complete a project, you might choose to help your child manage their time more efficiently. If your child has problems understanding a math concept (like long division, as an instance ) your child may simply have to do some more practice exercises.

6. Find more resources

To make sure that learning remains fun, think about searching for online resources that may make learning fun. You might want to purchase your child some interesting magazines or books in the topic area that’s causing problems or you might choose to invest in educational computer games that could help your child learn.


Inspire your child to speak with you about school and homework. Express a wholesome interest in your child’s projects and assignments so you can catch new issues before they start. By doing this, you can discover how to get your children to do their homework with no complaints!


Effective And Useful Business Tips Women Should Know To Get Ahead In Business

Having a business in a fast paced environment like we have now could be truly overwhelming for anyone. It can be more painful for a business-minded woman since she wants to endeavor more difficult to balance between her family life and her company. But if you are sound on your way to manage company and clear about whom you are and what you are trying to achieve, you have an wonderful opportunity to gain success. With exceptionally limited time and energy to keep a business, below are just 6 powerful and useful business tips girls should know that define exactly what a woman has to do to succeed in the business world.

Acknowledge That You’re not Superwoman

One of the principal reasons for a woman’s defeat in business is that she supposes she’s Superwoman. When you work out how to perceive and acknowledge that you can not deal with everything alone, your job will get simpler. You want to comprehend that for anyone to succeed in their chosen profession; they take a strong emotionally supportive community: whether it is your loved ones or your team. As a business person, you need to trust that the staff you procured can execute the job. You ought to also consider accommodate interns because they can provide additional assistance should you require it.

Make sure and stay optimistic

Do not forget that a negative state of mind will yield no positive results. If you will need to work, you need to have an inspirational frame of mind. Likewise, encompass yourself with individuals that will move you, energize you, propel you and encourage you all of the way. These are the people who will provide you with some help with getting through the intense days and will provide you motivations to keep on going when you need to give up.

Add humor to your work

Laughter has a positive influence on an individual’s health, relationships and overall quality of life. When your day turns out to be too upsetting, find a way to lighten up. Creating a few jokes may lighten up the working environment, which may diminish stress and conflicts, and it could likewise enhance efficiency and cooperation. Laugh, have some great times, and remember that most likely your job is not life or death.

Stay on top of the match by Keeping up with current trends and events

You can’t focus a lot on your own organization. You will need to remain educated about what is happening in your group and the world. Despite what industry you’re in, remember that present occasions can affect your company and your clients. Get some time daily to read the daily newspaper or watch news on TV.

As such, make certain you have a strategy for how you are going to stay updated on current trends or the latest innovation. When you go into a meeting or give a demonstration and somebody poses a query, you’d prefer to not turn to the individual from IT. You will need to state with certainty,’I know this business. I am able to represent what needs to be done.’

Be liberal to your employees, and to yourself

Never forget to remunerate your employees and yourself for all your diligent work and accomplishment. You may even do some charitable effort amid your leisure time to provide back to the community.

Be willing to learn

Developing as a business proprietor and a person is the consequent of learning, that is a lifelong process which develops insight, inventiveness and desire. Look for approaches to learn new skills and new processes that will enable you and your employees to improve something fresh. It’s likewise critical that you not hesitate to try out new things. Acquaint yourself with new folks and gain in the ideal business instructing expert. Networks such as a social butterfly — it’s one of the most perfect approaches to advertise your company and make gainful opportunities. Networking includes effectively developing relationships with individuals, companies, group leaders, and other men and women who pose conceivable opportunities for your company — as prospective customers, in addition to retailers, accomplices, financial experts, or distinct parts.


Begin a company that is right for you and matches with your life. There are no guidelines in regard to what a”real” business resembles. For some businessperson, accomplishment may signify a universal operation with many employees and annual incomes in the many millions. For others, a small counseling firm or artisan company that pays a solid compensation and permits liberal person flexibility might be seen as the zenith of advancement. The secret is to take some time ahead of schedule at the arranging process to think about this query and choose for yourself what your best vision is for your organization and your life.


5 Myths About Escrow Accounts

Escrow might make you uncomfortable, particularly if you’ve heard any bad myths about these kinds of accounts. Whether you are getting an escrow bank account or an escrow account mortgage, these are a few myths you ought to know before getting started.

Escrow accounts keep you from changing your home insurance.

Shifting your home insurance as you’re under a mortgage escrow account is remarkably straightforward. Though your cash is tied up in the mortgage account, you can contact your mortgage company and tell them you’re trying to make a change. All you will need to do is shop around for a new policy, and establish a start date. Then, call the company that controls your mortgage escrow account and notify them of this change. Make certain to have your loan amount, new policy amount, and the telephone number of your agent. Finally, call your previous policy and inform them you have made the change.

Shifting home insurance companies requires a sizable down payment.

Shifting home insurance with mortgage escrow account demands no money out-of-pocket. Your mortgage company controls mortgage escrow accounts, and the payments to your house insurance are created automatically. This means that if you change insurance companies, your mortgage company pays the premium from your account, so long as you have enough funds. It is always best to look at your mortgage escrow account until you change home insurance to be sure you have sufficient funds to cover the shift.

If you put 25% down on your house, you don’t require an escrow account.

If you put down 25% of your home’s mortgage, you might nevertheless be expected to begin an escrow account. Following the mortgage meltdown in 2009, lenders started to need an escrow account irrespective of how much cash you have for a down payment. Having an escrow account attached to your mortgage enables mortgage companies to offer your mortgage without difficulty. Irrespective of the amount you put down as a deposit, you may nevertheless be required to begin a mortgage escrow account.

It’s better to not have an escrow account and pay taxes and insurance on your own.

There are lots of benefits of paying your debts on your own, such as having complete control over your finances. But a mortgage escrow account might be a much better solution for people who have a tough time-saving money by themselves. A mortgage escrow account is included in your monthly payment and is regulated by your mortgage business. The business pays the insurance and property taxes, which means you don’t need to think about it.

The mortgage company is responsible for miscalculations.

From time to time, a mortgage company may make a mistake and not charge enough money for the mortgage escrow account. It follows that if a bill comes due, you may not have enough funds in the account to pay the price tag. Despite the fact that it was their error, you’re still responsible for the financing and the invoices. Not paying them on time could lead to late fees.


Which type of Developer Should You Be?

Considering making web development to a Profession? The first step is figuring out which sort of web programmer you should be. Discover more about iOS programmers, software developers, mobile app developers, and cms programmers here.

iOS Developer

One of the greatest programmer networks is in Apple’s iOS development community. An iOS develiOSesigns and tests programs and applications for Apple products. These programs are designed under exactly the identical code and Apple delivers a distinctive iOS Developer Program to test and distribute programs. In case you’ve got a strong ability in working with Apple Xcode and an understanding of mobile design, iOS Development can be a rewarding and fun field. Coaching is simple with Apple’s SDK toolkit. Most programmers have a background in web design and an understanding of codes such as as Objective-C.

Software Developer

Software programmers will typically work on more growth cycles called life cycles to design extensive programs for operating systems and industrial clients. Programs can focus on specific tasks or form the foundation of an entirely new operating system release. You may end up working on projects as straightforward as a commercial program for a bank or complex debugging tasks for a new security release on a working system. Software developers use the extensive development cycle to collaborate with various kinds of designers. Because of this, software developers are the most social of internet development professions. Software development remains a powerful growth field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook up to 2022 is rated at 22 percent and much faster than ordinary.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile technology has improved the Internet of things exponentially past phones. Mobile app developers are in high demand because of the integration of cellular technology in everyday appliances. Most programmers in this area base their instruction on a core set of languages which may be used on every kind of smartphone or mobile device. These languages include the a variety of C languages like C# and C++ in addition to Objective-C found in iOS devices. Mobile app developers aren’t usually vendor-specific and can opt to work with many different operating systems. If you’re proficient and fluent in programming languages, in addition to concepts that can result in the hottest user-friendly platform, this may be an outstanding fit.

CMS Developer

A direct comprehension of design elements that users and customers see on a daily basis are the basis of a Content Management System Developer’s focus. CMS developers work in the front-end to work with site databases and manage content beneath services like Drupal or Joomla. A CMS developer will require an advanced understanding of CSS and HTML markup language. A CMS developer may be a terrific fit if you like organizing information. Most front-end CMS programmers can obtain training through certificates in proprietary applications in addition to a background in web design. Due to the exceptional nature of construction, the majority of these developers will also obtain additional training in user-centered layout and understanding the psychology behind site development.

Many web developers become adapted to learning new technologies and programming language as sellers change. Because of this, education is continuing and a wonderful place to start if you like creativity using a dose of struggle in testing new applications and applications.


Afib and Stroke: Know the Connections between Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke

Atrial Fibrillation (or AFIB) is an irregular heartbeat, and the most common heart arrhythmia, affecting over 2.7 million Americans. There’s an existing link between AFib and stroke, with 20 percent of strokes being credited to atrial fibrillation. Stroke, that is the number four cause of death in the U.S., occurs when blood supply is cut off by the mind.

So as to have a clear picture of the relationship between atrial fibrillation and stroke, an individual has to possess a working understanding of the basic functions of your center.

Anatomy of the Heart

The heart, a relatively small muscle responsible for pumping oxygen-rich blood through the body, is composed of four chambers. The actual form of the heart is not a perfect circle, but it’s somewhat round, so you can imagine it as a somewhat jagged pie graph that’s composed of four sections.

These segments are two smaller, upper chambers that are called the left and right atria. Another two lower chambers are the right and left ventricles. Blood is pumped into the ventricles from the atria, and the ventricles, which are larger and more powerful than the atria, pump blood into the rest of the body.

The real beating of the heart is made possible by mechanisms involving electric impulses. Every heartbeat begins on your right atria, where groups of cells called Sinus Node (SA Node) indicate the atria to contract and for that reason squeeze blood forward and in the ventricles. This electrical signal that started from the aria then moves on to another node at the middle of the center, the Atrioventricular Node (AV Node). It’s this node that indicates the ventricles, causing a contraction which goes on to send out blood from the heart and on the rest of the body.

A typical heart beats 60-100 times per minute.

Atrial Fibrillation

Perhaps you have expanded your hand when being introduced to someone, expecting the other person to react and give your hands a company clutch, but rather, you have a weak, quivering grip? It happens from time to time, and it is pretty similar to what happens in the chambers of the heart.

AFib occurs when the atria receives inconsistent signals from the SA Node, causing a quiver, rather than a firm squeeze. It’s this quivering that physicians call fibrillation, and it occurs rapidly, leading to continuous quivers that occur faster than a standard contraction. The AV Node receives these erratic signals and pass them on to the ventricles, ordering them to pump faster also, and this all leads to a fast, irregular heartbeat.

Due to this miscommunication, blood which should have been released into the ventricles and out to the rest of the body can instead lag and swimming within the atria. Whenever blood pools, there is a danger of clotting- and the problem with a blood clot is it can obstruct oxygen-rich blood flowing from the heart to be used by sensitive organs like the brain. AFib increases the odds of forming these kinds of clots and experiencing a stroke.

What Makes Allergic

A stroke may be due to congestion in major blood vessels transporting blood to the brain, such as is the case with AFib, but it might also result from a raptured blood vessel. The link between AFib and Stroke is made where clotting results from an irregular heartbeat- that the National Stroke Association says is one of the worst kinds of stroke (it causes appreciable functional impairment when a individual survives).

According to the National Stroke Association, AFib can be treated — but generally people do not know they have the problem. Treatment entails blood-thinning medication, which can be used to prevent clots. AFib might also be treated with catheter ablation, which is a noninvasive process used to wipe out the origin of the erratic electrical signals.

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Photo by Pete / Public Domain


5 Ways To Master Edit Your Resume

Odds are you’re required to make a resume in one of your high school or college courses, but you have probably gained more experience and recognition since then, so your old one is guaranteed to be out of date. When you sit down to make a new one, you will need to focus on the information itself, but in addition, you need to consider the structure of your resume — as the way you say something is equally as important as what you need to say. 

Resume trends change pretty much every year, so you will want to frequently modify yours to keep up with the times. Here are some of the most popular and effective trends from this year that you can use to take your resume into another level:

Add breakaway text

You know when you are reading a magazine or newspaper and there is a quote or caption that is in another size, font, or is in its own little box? Well, you will probably be amazed to know you could take advantage of this attention-catching strategy on your resume. Whoever is looking over your resume will be attracted to whatever you choose to highlight, so pick on {} facet of yourself which you know they will not have the ability to turn down and make sure it stands out.

Include images

Whilst including photos on your resume likely is not too useful, including a chart or chart can set you apart from the crowd. By way of instance, in case you helped increase sales at your organization by 7.2%, incorporate a chart of the sales increase through time in your resume. You can simply state this information in your resume, but it is going to be more memorable and effective if you draw attention to it in the kind of something visual.

Submit a movie resume

We would not advise you to stick to the arrangement of Elle Woods’ movie resume/application she submitted to Harvard (it worked, but it is a picture ), but a movie resume in general is not a bad idea based upon your field. You don’t need to turn your whole resume into a movie if you don’t need to, but you could always add a link to a brief video introduction. The key to making this work is writing an excellent script and introducing yourself in a confident, intelligent manner whilst on film.

Customize Depending on the Work

Your resume definitely must not be”one size fits all” because employers always search for different things in their prospective employees. So, do your homework on the business and figure out exactly who they’re looking for to fill this position. Do they highlight experience over accolades? Contain detailed job descriptions for positions that you have held and restrict yourself to just a few important awards. Are they searching for a person who has proven they are a excellent team player? Draw attention to your extensive volunteer work once you helped build 10 homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Replace your goal with a summary

The old rule was to always place your”objective” in the top of your resume, like,”My aim is to acquire a fulltime position.” However, that trend has been replaced by the operation summary/profile statement. This summary will be at the very top of your resume, so you will need to make yourself look impressive by highlighting your best characteristics and accomplishments. This isn’t the time to be humble as this statement alone could make or break your chances of scoring an interview.


What you Need to Know Before Buying Small Business Insurance

For those who have a small business, you will need to know about business insurance. Perhaps you’ve purchased protection, perhaps you have not yet. Although every type of business has different kinds of risks or needs, there are some common factors. Before you purchase , here are four things you ought to know about small business insurance.

Business Insurance Protects You

No matter how easily you run your organization, there is always a chance that something can go wrong. The construction could catch on fire, a worker might get hurt at work, or a former or present client could opt to sue your organization. While of course, you hope that does not happen, sadly, there are no guarantees. Any sort of incident has the potential to be expensive for your organization in the long term. For those who have an excellent insurance policy, it is going to protect your company assets and save you from going bankrupt.

You Do Not Need 5 Distinct Policies

Simply because you feel like your organization needs real estate insurance, product liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and business liability insurance policy does not mean that you will need to have different policies for each. Many insurance companies offer”Business Owner Policies” that combine a number of distinct kinds of coverage into one suitable coverage .

You’ve Shopping Options

When you’ve got a company, you can purchase company insurance in a couple of unique ways. You can do your own research (or simply call a list of company insurance companies for quotes to compare), pick a company, and then undergo a select agent. You might also consult with a broker, who works for numerous businesses and will help you decide between multiple coverages and company insurance companies to get the best fit. A simpler option? Hop on down to the local chamber of commerce and ask your pals with similar companies for recommendations. Your peers can offer you honest insight into every insurance policy’s weaknesses and strengths.

Review What Your Company Does or Does Not Do

As you operate your own business, your first inclination is to say,”Of course I know what my company does!” But can you list everything your company does off the top of your head? When you are deciding between insurance programs, you need to be certain that you don’t forget anything. You want to make certain you have all the coverage you could need so {} confident that you are covered no matter which sort of problem comes your way.


Symptoms of Gum Disease

Today, many adults have some form of gum disease. Gum disease is called periodontal disease, which affects the bones and tissues surrounding the teeth. Gum disease ranges from a plain gum disease into a serious infection leading to harm to bothe bonend tissue that sustain the teeth. In the worst cases it’s likely to experience tooth loss. Millions of individuals don’t know they have gum disease.

There are two distinct stages of gum disease. The first stage is gingivitis and the next stage is periodotitis. It’s more likely to have gum disease if you don’t clean your teeth smoke, in addition to a household member having gum disease or a medical problem which makes it more challenging to fight infections. Gum disease is often silent, because symptoms may not appear until the disease is complex.

Bacteria from the mouth forms plaque on teeth and plaque that’s not removed by brushing and flossing hardens and forms tartar that brushing doesn’t remove. Just a cleaning by a dentist can remove tartar build up. The more that tartar buildup is on teeth, the more harmful it’s. The bacterium causes inflammation of the teeth called gingivitis. The symptoms of gingivitis are the gums become swollen, red and bleed easily. Gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease, readily treatable and reversible with good dental hygiene and routine cleanings by a dentist. Since gingivitis isn’t painful, the symptoms might not be noticed and when gingivitis isn’t treated, it progresses to periodontitis.

Advanced gum disease known as peridontitis causes the teeth to form openings that become infected and when left untreated teeth, tissue and bones that hold the teeth in place become ruined. Periodontitis causes symptoms which are more noticeable. Warning signs of gum disease include a difference in the way the teeth fit when you bite down, sores in the mouth, pain in the mouth, receding gums, pus between gums and teeth and bleeding gums when brushing, flossing or eating. Other signs of gum disease may include swollen or red gums, painful chewing, receding gums, loose teeth, tender gums, sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and bad breath. Any one of these signs could be a indication of a problem and must be checked by a dentist.

When people visit the dentist, an exam is performed and the dentist looks for indications related to gum disease. The dentist looks for pockets between your teeth, bleeding gums, build up of tartar and jolt beneathplaqueum and some other place where the gums are swollen from tooth. The dentist may also take pictures of the teeth to be able to find out whether any damage to the bones and some other problems are found. There are a several treatments available for gum disease based on the point and how well one responded to previous treatments. The objective of treatment is to halt the progression of gum disease. Treatments can range from treatment to control bacteria to restoring supportive tissues through operation.

If you begin to see the signs and symptoms of gum disease, it is best that you contact your dentist to set up a consultation of the perfect treatment choices for you.


To Rent Or To Buy: That Is The Question

Is it better to rent or buy a house based on convenience and cost? The only reply to this is that it all depends on your financial situation and conditions in life. However, for many parts, in the long term, owning a house is always far better than renting one.

Whilst leasing seems convenient, with appropriate amenities at many rental properties, and rent is cheap, it’s not as clear as you might first think. There are so many more benefits that come with owning a home — advantages which are more substantial. Paying off a home isn’t much different to paying rent. You’re also not losing money.

When paying rent, it’s very likely that the money you pay will shortly disappear. This doesn’t build equity. You’ll also not get any net returns in the future. The advantages of leasing however include: not having to be worried about general maintenance, or construction of the house.

That is always looked after by the landlord. Landlords rent properties since they earn fantastic income from this. They didn’t enter the rental market. They are getting more money from you than what your current living situation is worth. It’s very likely that you also don’t have as much space as you’d have if you owned a house.

However, the significant benefit of leasing over owning a house is that leasing is much cheaper in the short term. Two months rent can be paid for when signing a lease arrangement. You’re not wasting thousands of dollars all in one go as you would if you had purchased a home. You also don’t need to make mortgage payments or property taxes.

In the long term, owning a house has greater benefit than leasing. Especially when it comes to paying for your dwelling. Looking into the future, you’re not losing as much money as you want with leasing. The money that pays for your mortgage will gradually clear you from the debt you owe. The home you have purchased in its whole value will be yours for as long as you’d like it to be yours. Better still, the money that goes towards improving your house, will increase the value of your dwelling. Your net worth will also be raised. As a consequence of this, the more money going towards your house will become an investment to the future.

Another amazing benefit you’re receiving from owning a house is you won’t be billed more rent. Occasionally, landlords will improve their rent. This won’t happen when owning a house.

The disadvantage to owning a house however, is that you’re the only one responsible for your dwelling. It’s your responsibility to maintain it. It’s your responsibility to hire a plumber or ac professional. In addition, but property tax may make things difficult. You’re definitely not free yet. However, as soon as you’ve paid off your home, it reassuring to know that it is yours for keeps. You don’t need to say that you live on someone else’s land.

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